Men need community.

But most men do not have the margin in their day to develop friendships and forge bonds with others.

To leave the house, meet with the guys, or to complete a study feels like one more thing that will take you away from work or family.

If we are not careful, we will begin to relationally drift instead of developing a community of men who help make us better.

Men this is why you need to sign up for One More Round.

One More Round is a 12-Week Discipleship Community within The Pursuit of Manliness.

We currently have 30 men from our church going through One More Round- this is going to be a game changer.

If you would like to join the PoM One More Round Closed Group beginning March 25th, click here.

If you would like to talk about getting your church or men’s group their own custom One More Round group email me at

For Church and Men’s Groups, we will create a customized Private Facebook group exclusively for your men and you will also be able to select the start date to fit your group or ministry.

Men find your fight.

Commit to it.

Find other men who are serious about it.

One More Round begins March 25th

One More Round includes:

  • 12 Teaching videos
  • 12 Audio tracks
  • 12.pdf files,
  • A Private FB group
  • One More Round T-Shirt
    Just 120$ /// One More Round
  • Sign Up Today Now.

Men let’s get up and fight One More Round.

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