Today’s PoM podcast is a MITB show. On today’s show we are going to take a look at Lot, the man we find in Genesis 12-19.

Lot seemingly had plenty of opportunity to be a man of character and blessing, he was Abram’s nephew, was able to choose where he would like to live and had two Angels visit him with a warning of impending destruction.

Regardless, Lot could not get out of the way of himself. He lived in an incredibly wicked place, had no influence spiritually over his home and even questioned the Angels instruction on where to flee.

It is easy to dismiss Lot as another tragic story of someone in the Bible not heeding God’s instructions, but we do not want to miss how we might be following his path in some regards.

How well do I impact my environment? How is my spiritual influence over my home and family? How well do I submit to the Will of God through obedience and faithfulness in my life?

We would do well to visit the story of Lot and then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal and convict us in any of the ways that we are heading down similar paths and are oblivious to it.

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Thanks for listening and Keep Pursuing Biblical Manliness.

109: MITB | Lot
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