On today’s PoM podcast we take a look at the life of Noah in Genesis 5-9.

Noah lived in a time when the world was so evil and wicked that God had regret that He had made mankind. And yet in spite of all of that Noah still walked with God.

Obediently walking with God does not mean everything will be easy and everyone will understand. Through the life of Noah we see that obedience does not always make sense and will require our entire time on this planet.

On today’s episode we look at our life through the lens of Noah’s life. We will eliminate the frustrations we have with our work, address how our excuses are invalid and resolve to be a maturing man of God.

Click the link below to listen to today’s PoM podcast episode “MITB Noah”

Thanks for listening and Keep Pursuing Biblical Manliness.

108: MITB Noah
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