You are the CEO of you.

As a Christian we understand that we are under the Authority of God, we exist and woke up today because God has allowed it to happen.

With that said- He has providentially provided us an unlimited amount of resources- people and things.

When you think about the fact that you are the CEO of you- ask yourself what are you doing with those resources and oppurtunities?

Each man has been gifted with a specific gift set, a unique community that is unlike the man next to him, he has a past and a present that only he understands, but do not let that be your story. God has given you countless resources to allow you as the CEO of you to run the best possible company imaginable.

Click the link below to listen to today’s podcast as we take a look at 5 resources that God has given each man to use for his growth and God’s glory.

092: The CEO of You
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