I have often said in life one of the most difficult things to do is move. I am not talking about moving into a new school district or even a town nearby; I a talking about a move where family items were purged, time zones changed and trucks were loaded and headed into a brand new direction.

On today’s podcast I get the opportunity to talk with Jamison Thornton who led his family through a radical life change that would cause discomfort now for a better life in the future.

Too many men go through life assuming that the house you live in, the job you have, the state that you have always know, will be what you have always known. There are no rules to this life and getting stuck or not making a change when one is necessary will be regrettable later in life.

Taking a risk is tough, but when you believe that the risk is worth it, a better life for you and your family you step out in faith and take that risk. That is exactly what Jamison Thornton and his wife did.

Click below to listen to this weeks podcast. I hope you are encouraged by his grit and resolve to sacrifice a comfortable present for a healthier future.

086: Radical Changes: Jamison Thornton

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