At the end of your life do you want to be able to say “I successfully avoided every opportunity for anyone to call me out & challenge me on anything” or do you want to live your life with shocking effort and focus?

The best way to ensure growth and to begin to wear off the weak areas and address the blind spots in our life is to pursue life-giving relationships that will force you to grow.

A Tribe will cost you something, it will make you a better man, and it will challenge you to grow on a daily basis.

On this week’s podcast, I share why I believe that each man needs Tribe who will stand shoulder to shoulder with him, hold him to a higher standard and help him grow.

I am also going to pull the curtain back on Tribe, the 6-month discipleship community within the Pursuit of Manliness. I am going to share what we do, what it cost and why I believe is helping men become the men God created them to be.

You can sign up for the next session of Tribe beginning June 1st by clicking here.

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083: Life In A Tribe
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