On today’s podcast episode I get the opportunity to sit down and talk with Joshua Anderson. Joshua is a man who is making men better each day by his presence in his home, community, church and within the Pursuit of Manliness.

I reached out to Joshua to get to know him better and allow him to share his story with others. The Pursuit of Manliness has been blessed with some high-quality men who are making Kingdom impacts all over their communities and within the PoM community.

One of the things we say often is our desire is to create “Community Within the Content.” I want PoM content to make us better as men individually, but also provide us with a chance to build one another up- Joshua certainly lives this out.

Click the link to listen to this week’s podcast, and as always I want to remind you that you can head over to iTunes, click subscribe and never miss a PoM episode.

Thanks for listening, let’s keep raising the standard on what it means to be a man of God.

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