A man of God with clarity, conviction and courage is a force to be reckoned with. They are on mission, they do not waste their time with meaningless endeavors and understand the value of leveraging their resources well.

The challenge is for most men is they know they want to be a man like this, but they just can’t get themselves to that next level. Too many guys are searching for that magical downloadable .pdf, the book that will give them the secret sauce to success, or waiting for the perfect moment where it all just somehow clicks. This is not going to happen.

When you are struggling to find focus and purpose it is critical to not keep trying harder, but to begin to ask yourself different questions. It is my experience that a man who knows the value of appropriate self-talk can prevent themselves from sabotaging their life and wasting time.

On today’s podcast I am giving you 10 questions that you need to ask yourself while enlisting the input of those who are closest to you. If you will walk through these questions, in order you will be able to clarify purpose, distractions and the people you need to surround yourself with.

There is not short cut to this, you have to desire to reignite that fire inside of you and live with a relentless focus and purpose that will bring clarity to your day and your home.

Click the link to listen to today’s podcast episode, “070: Clarifying Your Focus.” As always if you head over to iTunes you can click subscribe and never miss any PoM podcast episodes.

Thanks for listening and let’s keep raising the standard of what it means to be men of God.

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