As I think about the last 3 years of my life, when I really got serious about not just existing but really giving maximum effort day in and day out. Not for a moment, but for sustainable seasons, it came down to changing my mindset.

Throughout the last few years I have taken on more responsibility, moved my family, had staff changes and now leading our church through a remodeling phase and still feel like the best of PoM is yet to come.

Maximum effort to experience maximum impact.

I have learned the discipline of mapping out days, weeks, months and breaking down the year.

When I think about what I have learned, and I look at others who are maximizing their time and impact I am convinced there are 3 traits that you cannot do without.

The reason I think this is important is because we are always on the search for self-help. Go into any book store, search Google or Amazon and you will find book after book. We all want the downloadable .pdf with quotes or motivation. In short, we are trying to microwave our growth and that will not happen.

The one undeniable truth to character growth and maturity is this: It is on you. You are responsible for you. You are responsible for your actions, reactions, relationships- you can only blame yourself.

You are responsible for your growth, maturity, and the speed at which you learn and are equipped.

When I read about men in the Bible who had God do incredible work in and through them, it was because of their boldness towards obedience. They didn’t stay put and they did not settle.

So when it comes to these 3 things today, I want you to know it is on you. These 3 things that I believe all successful people possess can easily be yours if you own your decisions and actions and understand what you are doing right now, impacts tomorrow.

On today’s podcast I am going to share 3 disciplines that I believe have allowed me experience more, realize growth and be able to create a vision for the future.

I firmly believe that fi you will take a serious look at these 3 simple disciplines in your life and make them a habit each day you will be on the path to Win The Day.

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Thanks for listening and Keep Pursuing Manliness.


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