On today’s podcast episode I get the chance to connect with Justin Bailey of Code of Character. I have been connected to Justin and the Code of Character for a while now and realize that Justin is genuine in his message, holds men to a high standard, and also values the importance of keeping open dialogue to make one another better.

Justin certainly has a gift of being able to communicate his conviction, allow others to weigh in and when necessary use some humor to keep the conversation from turning into something it should have never been. He is not afraid to move away from tough conversations or share thoughts that are not always popular but you know he certainly believes in.

The Bailey family is also now entering a new season of life. Recently Justin and his wife made a “Facebook Official” announcement about a family transition. During this podcast we talk about that transition, what led to it, and how it will impact them in the years to come.

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Thanks for listening and let’s keep Pursing Biblical Manliness.

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