You would be hard pressed to find a men’s ministry or a man for that matter who doesn’t really light up a bit when he studies the book of Joshua. It has everything we want in a book, or movie for that matter.

You will find God reminding Joshua to be “strong and courageous” repeatedly, we love this phrase. There are battles and conquest. Wars and spies. Strategy and weapons. We like Joshua.

As much as we enjoy the book and can think of it through a “Braveheart lens” there are a ton of leadership principles to be found in Joshua. Like all other principles, commandments and teaching in the Word of God, if we apply them we will be better off, if we don’t, it won’t end well.

On today’s podcast I am going to take a look at 3 critically important leadership principles found in Joshua 1. The tension with leadership is once you believe you are a leader, or a gifted leader you can actually begin to hurt your leadership if you do not apply these 3 principles. Don’t believe me? Just google “Mega Church Pastor” and then the words resign, gets fired, burns out etc.

We can change that, If we care enough and have a vision for our future, our understanding of these leadership principles can change our confidence and those around us who are looking to our leadership.

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Thanks for listening and Keep Pursuing Manliness.


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