I have been thinking about leadership quite a bit lately. And If I am really honest I struggle with that word from time to time. Not for what it means, but for what we believe it means.

Especially in the church we have turned it into someone who acts like the CEO of an organization with employees and customers. The Elders become the finance board approving expenditures and the most influential members of the church are treated like shareholders who own stock in the company.

Jesus didn’t die for that. That Is not a description of the Bride of Christ but let’s be honest it sounds a lot more appealing than washing someone’s grimy feet.

I recall one time sitting with two men who were “leaders” in their church and talking to them about the ministry that I am serving at now. I wasn’t looking necessarily for any leadership advice but one of the men offered.

He started with “Have you seen the Matrix?” I knew this wasn’t going to be good. No I have not seen the Matrix, I do not watch fictional movies that could have not have happened in real life.

Apparently, there is a scene in the Matrix where there is a “Red Pill” and “Blue Pill.” One of the pills allows you to continue to live your life as you know it, and the other pill opens your eyes to a whole new world. I am still not sure which is which, but apparently being a Lead Pastor of a church is like taking the pill that opens your eyes.

I understand the advice and the heart behind hit, but it proves my point- we have turned leadership many times in churches into something that it is not supposed to be. There are certainly secular leadership strategies that we can learn from and apply, you can always learn from movies, even fictional ones about ways to get your point across. But why can’t we share real advice to those who aspire to do me.

I know the answer. Insecurity. It isn’t that they could never possibly know what you are going through- although they don’t sit in your chair, God has put something on their heart they will at least gain perspective.

As leaders we are insecure. We believe we know what we are doing or we wouldn’t be doing it, but we cannot make people do anything. Staff problems arise, attendance gets low, budget is always a concern and the weather can change on a dime causing plans to get wrecked, moved or vision to fall flat.

On today’s podcast I am going to share 3 essential tools I believe you must possess if you are going to lead- I have learned these things and I continue to learn them, sometimes the hard way.

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