On today’s podcast we are talking about “7 Tips For Going To Church.” It is important to notice that it doesn’t say rules, but tips. The goal for all men is that we are moving and growing towards maturity and health in all areas including the role church plays in our life and our presence being there.

On today’s show I am going to pull the curtain back on 7 things that we hope we would consider as we go to church. Your church should accept you as you are but like Christ, refuse to leave you there. What we need to understand is our behavior at church doesn’t just affect us, it affects those around us, even those who are first time guest.

Here’s what I know before we ever get into this list- the guys who show up, have a presence, join churches, serve churches, tithe etc. They will be the ones who listen to this, the ones who don’t like instruction or being told anything different, this episode is not for you.

But I feel this is part of what I want to do with PoM- address stuff that we are not talking about, take a look at it, and see if we can get better because of the dialogue.

Our churches are starving for men to have a presence and show up well, to see their church as a place where they have a responsibility to do more than just show up. If you think about this list and take an honest look at the role church plays in your life, you will grow, your family will grow and your church will be healthier.

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Thanks for watching and Keep Pursuing Manliness.


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