All social media platforms offer you a different variety of content and community and depending on what you are attempting to do, one may win you over more than the other.

A couple months ago a guy who I follow on twitter tweeted something that I found interested and I wanted to respond. His name is Neil White, the guest on today’s podcast. I had followed Neil for a while and enjoyed his authenticity and honesty when it came to connecting with men and addressing issues within the culture.

On January 15th, he tweeted “I approached a number of ‘Christian’ podcasts for fathers offering to be a guest. Not a single one replied. What does that tell you?”

I replied “I am a Christian and have a podcast with @PursueManliness What would you like to talk about? Let’s make it happen.” Not knowing yet what we would talk about we both still wanted to engage in conversation and I am thankful we did.

He is 5 hours away and in the Greenwich Mean Time Zone but with the blessing that social media, technology and during the snowstorm of the year in Great Britain we were able to make it happen.

On today’s show we are going to talk about Neil’s journey to faith, what led him to preach and eventually be a missionary, his book titled “A Father’s Mission” and his passion to awaken in the hearts of men and fathers their responsibility to be the man their family deserves.

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