Do you remember December 21st, 2012? Facebook has an “On This Day” feature where it shows what you have posted, been tagged in or friends that you connected with on that day.

Well 12/21/12 was the day the Mayan Calendar had run out. I don’t know if they ran out of ink or paper but it’s the day that many thought would be in the end of the world. It wasn’t.

When I was googling some information on this day over 5 years ago I came across the NASA website where people were asking questions about the end of the world.

While I don’t agree with all the assessments from NASA, I do respect the fact that they attempt to answer many questions with candor while still using some factual information.

The questions are really unique- but people want to know if the world was going to end or if anyone else knows about the end of this whole thing?

To talk about the end of the world people will either be incredibly intrigued because they would like a heads up, or write you off as a crazy person because after all this thing has been spinning around for quite some time and we assume it’s going to keep doing that.

It seems as if there are quite a few who have an opinion or strategy about the end of the world and some are pretty overly confident about this strategy.

One thing we have to remember- just because someone says it, it doesn’t make it true. People are enamored with the presence of truth, many times regardless of the source.

On today’s podcast we are going to take a look at what Jesus says about the end times in Mark 13. Whether you are a student of eschatology, the study of the end times, or think the whole idea of the world ending is improbable, we all have to come to terms with the facts that we are mortal, and there will be an end to us all.

As Christians it is wise to listen to what Jesus says and not add to what He doesn’t say. There is nothing wrong with studying eschatology as long as we keep Jesus as our anchor and the source of our salvation.

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