The vision within The Pursuit of Manliness is to create an environment where we have community within the content. I want to be a part of something that brings men in on the conversation, what they need, struggle with, victories they have had and just a relentless kick in the pants.

The content, blogs, podcasts etc. is to equip a man to pursue biblical manliness while helping other men do the same thing. We say often that we are building better men together.’

To do this we asked the men in our closed Facebook Group what they wanted to talk about and they responded in a big way. Some have emailed, sent messages or just posted within the community disciplines, areas of concern, skills etc. that they would like to learn or become better at.

On today’s podcast I am answering a question from one of the men in our PoM Facebook Group, Joey Jamison. Joey had a great question about tithing. He wanted us to talk about “What is it? How to do we tithe? What is the purpose for it? Examples of it?

On today’s podcast I am setting out to answer those questions and more when it comes to understanding the discipline of tithing.

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Thanks for listening, and Keep Pursuing Manliness.

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