Recently in our closed Facebook Group for The Pursuit of Manliness we had a member ask a question that I thought we should dive into.

Shawn O’Conner asked this question “In light of the #metoo movement, do you think men should be more diligent to adhere to the “Billy Graham Rule” or redefine how we are known to interact with women altogether?”

I want to say I thought this question was spot on given where we are at in society. Every day more and more accusations are coming out about men across the globe who have used position or influence in a negative and damaging way against women.

The MeToo movement is a movement where women are speaking up and saying “Me too” that they have been in a situation where they have been sexually assaulted in some way by someone.

With all that in mind, we know the Bible speaks directly to us about our conduct and how we are to live our lives. We know that we are called to live above reproach and live a life of integrity. The challenge is without a plan or non-negotiables it is quite easy to find ourselves in places we never intended.

Without accountability, we allow Satan to run rampant in our marriages, work places or anywhere else he can destroy us.

On today’s podcast I want to talk about some of the non-negotiables that I learned several years ago when serving with a man named Rusty Russell, I am sure he learned several of them from his father Bob Russell. Because Rusty had unwavering convictions about these rules it had caused me to look at other areas of my life and interaction with other women that helped me create some more non-negotiables.

Just click below to 9 non-negotiables for a married man interacting with other women.

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