How do we celebrate when someone becomes a man? What does the process look like from boyhood to manhood? Is it when we get a tattoo? Get married? Have sex? How do we define that moment for a man to communicate you are now a part of a new tribe of men and more is expected of you?
On today’s podcast Stephen Mansfield talks about defining this process and the importance of noble manhood being affirmed in our life.
Stephen in many ways is leading the way in redefining the importance of building a band of brothers that will call out the good in us and coming alongside us to be the men we were called to be. 
If you don’t have a tribe of men who are standing shoulder to shoulder with you our prayers is that PoM might be that place while you seek those relationships that will help you be a better equipped man of God.

Just click below to listen to my conversation with Stephen Mansfield as he walks us through his journey to understanding noble manhood and how we can apply it to our lives. You will also want to check out Stephen’s new website to equip men and help us build our band of brothers.

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Thanks for listening and Keep Pursuing Manliness.


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