Too many times men fail to realize that their internal self is being revealed by their external self. We have convinced ourselves that we can overcompensate for areas of weakness by telling ourselves and others better excuses.

My guest on this weeks podcast is Craig James of  and Fraternity of Excellence unpacks what your physical presence really reveals about your self-discipline. Craig is unwaveringly convicted that our masculinity is directly connected to how well we take care of our physical self.

In our conversation today Craig talks about his journey to realizing how physical health affects our influence in our marriages, as a parent and as a man. if you are a man who is continually making excuses for why you can’t get in shape he is not the guy for you.

Craig’s passion to see men be the masculine men that they are created to be has began to light a fire in men all over the country who understanding what it means to “unleash your masculinity on the world.”

Just click below to listen to my conversation with Craig James as he articulates the value in taking care of our physical self and what it communicates to those who depend on us.

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Thanks for listening and Keep Pursuing Manliness.


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