What Is The Pursuit of Manliness?

As men, we must raise the standard on what it means to be a man of God.

For far too long, many Christian men have chosen to keep their heads down, mouth shut and just tried to get through our years without too much damage. The effects of this is we have lost battles where we didn’t even engage in the fight, we have lost our voice where we never spoke up, and we now have heavy doses of apathy where we were originally supposed to have influence.

With the Pursuit of Manliness, I want to invite you to engage in an environment where we are going to relentlessly pursue being men who raise the standard on what it means to be a man of God.

We do this by:

1. The Pursuit of Manliness podcast. This podcast is a weekly does of dialogue, interviews, men in the Bible or any other format that we believe will be something that you would benefit from during your commute or wherever you listen to your podcast. You can find it on this website, iTunes and watch live recordings of the podcast on our Facebook page and YouTube.

2. Social Media. Through the use of social media PoM has been able to connect with men from all over the world. You can find The Pursuit of Manliness on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all of the are @pursuemanliness We don’t share the same content on all platforms so make sure to check out PoM on whatever platform that you use.

3. Our closed Facebook Group. Our closed Facebook group is constantly growing and having incredible dialogue that gives you an environment to connect with other men who are looking to raise the standard in their own life. We have men from all over the globe who are helping us build better men. You will find out about other PoM opportunities, live broadcast, training etc. within this group. Check it out at facebook.com/groups/pursuitofmanliness

4. Discipleship/Growth Opportunities. Currently PoM has two opportunities for you to intentionally connect and grow with other men who are all moving the same direction together. Tribe is our 6-month discipleship community where men commit to joining form June-November and then December-June. Thirty In 30 is our 30-day community where we focus on Spiritual, Relational, Physical and Emotional health. Both of these groups provide unique opportunities for growth and to connect with other men. Look at our website or social media to see when the next registration will begin for both of these groups or send me an email at pursuemanliness@gmail.com

5. Individual Coaching. For some men they are looking for a one on one connection for growth, accountability and to help create a vision and focus in their life. If you are looking for this or would like more information you can send an email to pursuemanliness@gmail.com

Men, thanks for stopping by and I hope to connect with you throughout the environments mentioned above.

Regardless of where you might be on your journey- absolutely no knowledge of God and His Son Jesus or you have been a Christ follower for your whole life; we want you to help us build better men together while we relentlessly pursue being men who raise the standard on what it means to be a man of God.

Keep Pursuing Manliness.

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